Fernweh is a German word, meaning a longing for far-off places, something I have always felt, from my earliest memories and studies of the known world. I’ve always marveled at the idea I could travel to worlds familiar enough to recognize them as Earth, but different enough to imagine I was on another planet. I’ve adopted the word, Fernweh, to represent our travel and film photography workshop, emphasizing techniques for telling raw, human stories on film in the modern, digital world. Learn how to capture world-class images and document human stories in a way that honors the culture as well as the individual, and paints a compelling and thoughtful composition of the human experience. 


India Workshop Dates:

November 6-11  - 5 Day Workshop

November 15-17 - 3 Day Workshop

November 30-December - 8 Day Workshop


Please inquire for more information on how to register and apply now for the November, 2018 courses